Tuesday, August 30, 2005

All the riches, Baby

I am posting this photo for two reasons:

1) Hi, Jen and I look hawt. My mom just sent me this photo that was taken at my bro and Amy’s wedding. Amazing how nice we clean up, eh?

2) We didn’t look quite this hot last night when Jen took me out for sushi at my new fave place Enshino, but you still get the idea. Heh. Yeah. I’ll let you live that little fantasy for now. We macked on the best sushi known to woman and had an awesome time. This is how much she rules: She gave me a thong with a Liger on it. [For those of you who haven’t seen Napoleon Dynamite yet, hello? Get on the stick! A Liger is bred for its skills in magic. Gosh!] Sitting next to a redheaded hottie, eating delicious sushi, with a Liger thong at my disposal. I mean, does it get any better? If I was a rich girl, na na na na na na na na na na naaaaa!


Cracka said...

I could have eaten even more sushi. I was a bottomless pit last night, yo.

Cracka again said...

And as you know, I've not watched the entire movie yet. I had no idea they were magical. So basically I gave you a thong that claims your vagina is skilled in the ways of magic! Excellent!

Valley Girl said...

You know it, babay!! Heh!

JustJillSpitSpit said...

I LOVE that picture! Nothing like a best friend. Go Girls!!

heddie said...

awwwww....you looked beautiful that day!!!