Wednesday, August 24, 2005

El Pollo Grosso

Is it just me, or does that greasy, smarmy guy in the El Pollo Loco commercials make anybody else want to throw up? And as if it isn’t it bad enough that I have to be exposed to his smarmy ass during my limited TV viewing, now I have to hear his slippery voice and that dumb cheesy jingle in their radio ads as well? Listen up El Pollo Grosso Marketing People: This is a terrible campaign and doesn’t make anyone even slightly interested in your marginal at best flame-grilled chicken and tortillas. Word to your muthah. I'm out.


Chi said...

That greeee-zeee guy is actually on the soap, "Days of Our Lives." Me and the peeps here at work, on REALLY bad days, peruse the soap to depress ourselves (that's another story), but he is most certainly an actor on there.

Cracka said...

They call it The Crazy Chicken because after you eat it, you'll be running like crazy to the bathroom.