Monday, January 30, 2006

Other Crappy Movies I Simply Have To Watch Whenever They Come On (The Patrick Swayze Edition)

1) Roadhouse. I adore this movie, 95% because of the blonde ho-bag in it. She is repulsive, yet you cannot look away from her and her slutty antics. At least I can’t. She was Anna Nicole before there was Anna Nicole. And 5% because Patrick Swayze totally busts some sweet Chuck Norris-style roundhouse kicks to the bad guys' faces. And I just love that.

2) Dirty Dancing. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” ‘Nuff said.

3) Ghost. In fond memory of the days when starlets vehemently denied they had boob jobs, despite the very plain and obvious proof (on film!) that they somehow very recently had fried eggs for boobies and flaunted them braless whilst tearing up over a penny climbing up a door and floating toward you in a ghostly, yet touching, fashion. [Future "duh" post: Other Crappy Movies I Simply Have To Watch Whenever They Come On (The Demi Moore Edition). On second thought, that may take up too much of my time.]

Yeah. I’m bored today.


Chi said...

Those are great choices, howevs, "Roadhouse" does have the redeeming and Marlboro-man-esque Sam Elliott in it. Brings it up one grade. My weekend embarrassment?? Try "Nick Fury: Agent of Shield", starring Mr. King-of-Fluff David Hasselhoff and Lisa "Lips" Rinna. Now I am embarrassed (and maybe need to get cable???)

cracka said...

I still haven't seen Roadhouse.

Valley Girl said...

What? What? Cracka has not viewed the joy that is Roadhouse? I'm gonna roundhouse kick your uterus when next I see you.

cracka said...

such violence