Friday, January 20, 2006

Tic. Toc. Tic....... Toc.......

Today in Rosarito, sunny with a high of 71 degrees. Whilst I freeze my ass off here.

Why does time have to go by so slow when you're about to have a groovy long weekend? In the sun? Visions of shrimp tacos and Puerto Nuevo lobsters dancing in my head? Yeah. It's a long day.

I'm having my niece and neph over tonight. I can't wait. They're spending the night. We're going to build a fort. And make cookies. And torture Babe and Rufus by making them wear stupid outfits. Should be a good time.

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CaliValleyGirl said...

So will you be EATING those cookies? Or just smelling them? ;-)

Have fun! (I just adore my nieces!)

P.S. I gave my mother the address and phone number to Olé, and they might have gone last night...thanks for that tip, once again!