Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Kauai Photos

Greetings and salutations! Hello, even! Hi! How ya doin'? Oh yah? How's things? [Kauai says hello]:

Shave ice being consumed in mass quantities. Again. At -- where else? -- Shave Ice Paradise.

I believe this section of beach is called "Why you think they call it the 'Garden State', Goofy Mainlander?"

Finally! A shot of the beloved little pond with the precious lily pads! I see this pond in my dreams. [God bless Sue for getting the shot.]
Hey, Sexy Mainlander. Yo quiero poi.


kristi said...

Ahhhhhh, paradise. Have 2 years gone by yet so we can visit again??

Hehe, I took the pic of the little green guy. I have to buy mom's digital camera...that thing makes me seem like a real photographer! :-)

CaliValleyGirl said...

Shave Ice in Hanalei...sweet bliss...actually, shave ice anywhere on Kauai equals bliss. Thanks for sharing the pics!