Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Rhonda's friend is a semi-finalist in The L Word t-shirt contest. Vote for her design (above) here. I think hers is the best, totally.

And if you're not already watching the show, OMG you are missing the eff out!!! I recommend you netflix it from season 1 and just do marathons of the show. It is so very addictive and a total girly, guilty pleasure.


kristi said...

ok, i totally voted and i had a totally hard time picking out two others besides rhonda's...i didn't like any others! :-)

and hello, is that last design kinda...graphic, or is it just me?? i really wouldn't want to be advertising anyone's "flower" in public, you know?

Valley Girl said...

Yeah, it's a little too.... in your face or something. And the one next to it -- hello? Rip off The Artist Formerly Known As Prince much?

kristi said...

Oh yay, she won!!!! That's awesome :-)