Friday, February 23, 2007

Weekend At Grammy's

So we made the schlep to Chico to visit Grammy over the long weekend, which is always an awesome way to spend the weekend. Aside from cramming mass amounts of food into our faces at high speeds, the Weekend at Grammy’s Experience is one that lends itself extensively to relaxation since one is not likely to take a 102-year-old woman out bar-hopping or, I don’t know, spelunking. This provided me ample time to mess with my new-new camera. Oh yes! Valley Mom very generously ponied up the dollars to replace the new camera that Shitbiscuit stole from our house (it was still in its box -- I mean!!!) This meant that every creature within a 500-foot radius was subject to my annoying shutterbugging.

To wit, the many faces of The Pug:

"What is that shiny little thing in your hand?"

"Not a biscuit? Eh! Who gives a crap?"

"Sigh. God! It's exhausting being this stunningly beautiful."

And here she is giving you the ol' stinkeye:

And here's Grammy giving ME the ol' stinkeye:

There are always fun things to do at Grammy's, like roll around on the carpet and proclaim your undying love for said carpet:

"Love you, carpet. You don't mind that I photograph looking like Cujo."

Here we are, chillin' at Grammy's fave joint, the Outback Steakhouse:

"Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

"Heavens above, make the woman STOP already."

"Damn, I'm cute. Get my agent on the phone."

Holy crap, Rufus has groupies! Cute ones!

I recommend everyone have a weekend at their Grammy's (ours is taken though). It does wonders for the soul.

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