Thursday, May 03, 2007

WTF, Over?

So this morning, at the oh-so-convenient hour of 2:30 a.m., our backyard was swarmed with ghetto birds. For at least an hour. Actually it could have been one ghetto bird, but when it’s in your OWN FRIGGIN’ BACKYARD it sounds more like TWENTY. As I’m lying there in a WTF stupor, I hear a voice over a megaphone hovering over our backyard: “PUT YOUR HANDS UP. PUT YOUR HANDS UP.” I thought they only said that in movies?

Does anybody know what kind of trashiness descended upon our humble neighborhood last night?


Anonymous said...

I dunno, dude, but I can think of about ten million other things I'd like to fund with my tax payer dollars than those goddamned helicopters. The ambulances - you know, the ones carrying SICK PEOPLE?! - have to respect the noise ordinances (as in, they have to turn off their siren when they come off the main blvd) but these fuckers can hover over our homes - ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT - for hours on end.

Pardon the language please. I'm passionate!

bee said...

wtf, indeed! (although "ghetto birds" made me laugh!)