Monday, February 11, 2008

Never Say "I Can't"

Because guess what?  If I can, you can.

The dilemma was this:  I wanted to add more greenery on the walls of the nursery work in progress.  Specifically, I wanted palm leaves, big ones, to go with the existing décor that my adorable decorating team had come up with last week.  The problem:  I can’t draw.  Or so I told myself.  In the past, even stick figures have presented an exotic challenge.  And all those pretty leaves I put on last week were stencils applied with a sponge.  How hard is that to do?  There were no stencils big enough for what I wanted.  

I sat down and humored myself by drawing a few on paper.  Then figured, hey, if I draw them on the wall with pencil and it sucks, I can always erase it.  So I drew it, outlined it with some paint, and decided it didn’t suck that bad.  I filled it in with paint, and holy shit, I am an artist, people!  I really love the result, and especially love that I showed my negative self how to get bent.  

Bonus:  I even drew and painted this with both hands, which was really weird since I write exclusively with my left hand, but do everything else with my right.  I don't know if that makes me ambidextrionical or what.
And here's Daddy, painting the ceiling blue so that I can add on little clouds and glow-in-the-dark stars.

This photo would have been really hot if he had been wearing his tool belt, but I still find it hot nonetheless.

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