Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Thing That Pisses Me Off

How the flu shot is pushed onto people at every turn, especially children and the elderly.  

I have never had a flu shot in my life, mainly because it never made sense to me that I be vaccinated for one or two particular strains of flu when there are so many strains out there, not to mention those strains mutating and becoming something else -- the very nature of what a virus does.  Add to that getting some of the symptoms of the flu after you get the shot because your body doesn't like the crap you just injected it with and reacts.  And there's no guarantee I won't come down with the flu after getting the shot?  And I pay $20-30 for the privilege?  No thanks.  

This article addresses the money-making sham of the flu shot, and talks about how the recent death of a little girl in Minnesota is being used to hype the shot even more.  Back to the children and the elderly part -- the flu shot contains tons of mercury, in levels that are extremely toxic for anyone who weighs less than 550 lbs.  Why, why, why would you want to put that into the body of a little person or older person who has low immunity to begin with???

I'm pissed!  When does it stop?


Anonymous said...

It will never, ever stop so I just keep saying HI, NO, PLEASE BITE ME and so far it's seemed to work.


gina said...

they want to up the flu shot by 30 MILLION people, making a total of 98 million people who should recieve it. Last year 68 people died from the flu. SIXTY-EIGHT. That is hardly an epidemic. Don't get me started on guardasil. MAY help prevent SOME strains of hpv that MIGHT cause cervical cancer. Give me a break. Again only 3000 people died from cervical cancer last year and that number drops every year.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, the guardisil thing makes me CRAZY - did you hear that the gov in Texas was attempting to make it compulsory for any girl entering junior high? I about lost my brain on that one.


CaliValleyGirl said...

Yeah, it's also amusing to see my husband's immunization passport: as a soldier, he is almost like a human pin-cushion. He could object, but doesn't. He has all kinds of crazy shots, including the ridiculous "anthrax" shot that all soldiers got before going into Iraq 5 years ago (I don't think they give it anymore): it was stupid because it was only for one strain of anthrax, which they could be pretty confident Iraq wasn't using...

About the flu shot though: I got the flu 2x this season, and both times it was mega-bad. My husband got the flu shot (well, actually the flu inhale thingie) and both times I was sick, he never came down with it, even though it was two different strains. I was really down and out both times, so it made me have a little more respect for the flu shot, which I had previously poo-poohed.