Thursday, March 13, 2008

This Just Boils My Blood

Pun intended. 

I am currently reading this book, The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination Is Not Immunization, by Tim O’Shea, which was loaned to me by the chiropractor I was doing massage for when I asked him why he didn't have his kids vaccinated.  To say it is incredibly disturbing, well-referenced and researched common sense and hard to put down would be an understatement.  Just ask my husband – I would not shut up about it the other night over dinner for at least an hour.

This article is in the same vein, concerning the Hep-B vaccine that is routinely administered to every infant born in this country, and something that most people just don’t know about or think to investigate.  Ya know, I have to say, as a parent-to-be, you have enough shit to worry about without also throwing in what our own government deems safe to inject into your baby’s body so that Big Pharma can make billions.  

And if you think the government gives a rat’s ass about your health or that of your child’s, think again.  Can you say Massive Meat Recall?

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gina said...

hello, stumbled onto your blog through other blogs and wanted to comment about your post. Its nice to find like minded people that question the things the medical profession tell you are "required". Nothing medical is ever required, you can always say no thanks. About the hep B, I had my baby about 3 months ago and I put it in my birth plan that he was NOT to receive the hep b shot. Everyone completely respected it and one nurse tried to act like it was important so he could go into daycare. I told her we'd cross that road when we got there. We aren't vaccinating him at all for atleast 2 years and then we may or may not decide on ones we think are valid. I also have autism in my family which brings up a whole other list of concerns with vaccines. Sorry if i'm rambling, your post just really struck a chord with me. Its just insane to take a perfectly healthy brand new baby and inject it with god only knows what. Good luck on your pregnancy, don't even get me started on how medical giving birth has become. Its almost impossible for them to stay out of it if you want to go natural. But that's another thing all together. -gina