Friday, October 24, 2008

Baby, Interrupted

I feel like teething has taken over my life.  The first two bottom chompers are busting their way into the world, and poor little feller has been pretty miserable.  He gets fevers, drools a lot, and his booger production has launched into overdrive.  This makes it hard for him to nap, and the only thing that comforts him is nursing.  So needless to say, I pretty much nurse all day.  And he doesn't just pacify -- he consumes.  The boy is becoming a little tank.  My biceps are ripped from hoisting his sturdy little butt up.

The thing that kills me is that he is in pain, and all the goofy little remedies I try don't really do much.  He still looks at me pleadingly with big, fat tears coming out of his eyes -- Make it stop, Mama! -- chomping down mercilessly on his own fingers.  When I take him out in public and people come up to admire him and fawn over his cuteness, even though he is tired from lack of nappage and his gums are on fire, he will still smile at them like they just made his little day.

I remarked the other day that the teething would be much easier on me if he would just act like an asshole once in awhile.  But so far, he is just being his usual Golden Child self.