Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Boo Boo Monkey The Kitty: A Story In Pictures

So we went and got ourselves a kitty. Boo Boo because she is a lovey . . .
And Monkey because she has the craziest, longest, skinniest little monkey tail. Here she is admiring McLean's flexibility:
Here she is letting McLean test her collar for durability:
Here she is letting McLean rearrange her hair:
And here she is sniffing McLean's fragrant diaper:
Here she is getting ready to give me the old Head Bonk:
And here she is watching football. Bad kitty!
Again with the fragrant diapers:
And here she is checking out her monkey-ass in the mirror:
It is pretty apparent thus far that she is McLean's cat. She definitely prefers him, perhaps because of his short stature, or perhaps because she was the nurturer of her litter.

Sammy has been extremely good around her, though Boo Boo's tail still puffs up a bit when he comes into the room.
She has already dropped a couple of deuces into her little catbox and has made herself thusly at home. We are thrilled with our new family member.
For more sweet, socialized animals in need of homes, go visit Sante D'or in Los Feliz -- they were awesome!