Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Valley Girl No More

After years of sad, child-bearing-and-raising-inflicted neglect of my Valley Girl blog, and in light of recent events, it has been decided by moi to do a little facelift and to change the course of My Precious Ramblings to reflect the current situation:  We are moving out of the Valley!  So I can't really call myself Valley Girl anymore now, can I?

Shortly after Christmas (yes, THIS Christmas), we will have packed up EIGHT SOLID YEARS of couple and kid crap accumulated since we bought our house, and of course our hounds and their slobbery Chuck-It balls, and moved it to our new digs in beautiful, friendly, little (by comparison) San Luis Obispo.  To say I am excited would be a huge understatement.

To say I am profoundly upset to be leaving my family and best friends in the world and moving to a town where I know not a soul would be an even bigger understatement.  It's been tough to grapple with that reality and many, many hysterical tears have been shed, mostly by me.

But I've got balls.  And a fancy phone that has face time.  And I'll only be three hours away.  So basically, I can do this.  And hopefully my loved ones will come visit me enough to see how awesome it is there, and I can continually and persistently wear them down until they decide to move to SLO, too.

So in the coming weeks, I will keep you posted on the transition process, the issues, things I will miss, things I will so NOT miss, and the like, and discover my new town and all it has to offer.  And hope you can virtually come along for the ride.  Because life is good and it should be exciting, even when it's scary, no?

I'm scared, but excited.

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ThatBeeGirl said...

SLO is great! congrats on the move!