Monday, September 14, 2015

New House!

Well, it's official.  We have settled down.  After living in that old, old, old house in SLO for the past two and a half years, we finally found a place in town that we could call home.  It was the location that drew us to the place most of all -- corner lot on a cul de sac, a block from the park, quiet family neighborhood.  The house itself is not huge, but the yard is, and that was what we wanted more.  It still has a retro vibe to it since it was built in 1960, but had been modestly and tastefully updated over the years.  No weird colors on the walls, no janky additions, no granite countertops thank you very much.

The outside needs a paint job and a little TLC, but that was okay since we get to pick the color.  We're still undecided on that for now, but leaning toward the original light avocado color spotted underneath layers of paint.

The sellers had taken great care of the place (can't BELIEVE they had three kids in here and you can tell they were a shoeless family); so basically the house is a blank slate that we get to personalize one room at a time.

Unpacking and organizing is still happening and seems like it will be happening for the next ten years or so, but we have managed to get the most important room in the house completed, so I can post the before and afters now!

The kitchen is fairly new and I didn't have a problem with the quality of the workmanship, but something about it was just cave-like.  And I had an issue with the black countertops.  You can't really see from the photos, but there is glitter in them.  Not a delicate, natural rock-like shimmer, but big chunks of what can only be described as Stripper Glitter.  Yeah.  Come to find out later, these countertops are quartz.  Very good, durable, solid counters.  We couldn't justify replacing them and couldn't afford to do so anyway with the new mortgage payment.  So I called in my friend Jessica Lynn (yes, she of the amazing life I am currently writing a movie about) and decided a paint job was the way to go.

Here is the kitchen before:

Kinda sad and dark, right?  It's like it just sucked all the light out of the room.  It was also weird that there was absolutely no hardware on any of the cabinets or drawers.  So my girl came in and sprayed all the cabinets a lovely Swiss Coffee white, and did a nice buttery yellow shade (Behr Roasted Corn) on the walls just to brighten it up a bit more.  We actually had to dilute it with more Swiss Coffee to tone it down a little; it was just too spazzy.  We also painted the island with the same yellow so it would pop a bit more.  I picked out the hardware from Home Depot, took down the white horizontal blinds and put up my cute dingle-dangle curtains I had in our Encino kitchen and voila!  We now have this:

I love it so much.  It is the happiest room in the house, even late in the day when these photos were taken.  And I have decided I love the black stripper countertops.  They grow on you.

The cake stand belonged to Derek's Grammy and I think it makes a perfect fruit plate and ties in the black and white theme.  The girl head and ceramic figures on the windowsill belonged to my Grammy.  The metal sign on the door is something I bought at a Red Cross flea market in Germany and gives a nice red accent.  All in all, I am so happy with how it turned out.  Now on to the next room . . .

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Janice Konstantinidis said...

Thank you for sharing you kitchen Jenni. I love it. Such a bright and happy transforantion!